Friday, August 27, 2010

Can Talk Be Original?

Contribution by Paula Gonzales

Talk shows have been around for decades. I admit, I am a big fan of evening and late night talk shows, more so than morning ones. Perhaps part of that has to do with the fact that I do not like waking up early or that I'm addicted to the great California DIRECTV deals I got, but I digress. There are several talk show hosts who really have my attention more than most. These include, but are not limited to Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'brien and Craig Ferguson. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Jay Lenno and David Letterman on occasion, but possibly my favorite talk show hosts are those first three I listed. Allow me to explain. Jimmy Fallon is awkward and goofy. Yes, during his first few days hosting a talk show he was a little too awkward, but right now I really enjoy all of the little acts in his show like "Lick it for 10," or "Spin that Wheel of Carpet Samples." Conan O'brien, while he may not currently have a show, was possibly my favorite talk show host in general. During the writers strike, all of his material on Late Night was his own. It was genius, it was funny, it was reminiscent of the old days of SNL. Last but not least, Craig Ferguson is very silly. His silly nature really brings out the childish humor in me. Need I say more?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Different Kind Of True Crime Show

Guest post written by Christine Duncan

Most true crime shows are entertaining. They might be about an unsolved crime, detectives bringing in potential suspects for questioning, or even psychics. But if you want something that is really unlike all the other true crime shows out there, you have to watch Locked Up Abroad. I have been trying to tell people about this show for years. If they don't listen to me, either they don't trust my judgment or they're dumb. Based on the people I associate with, the latter is a more likely possibility. They're more interested in American Idol and Ugly Betty than Locked Up Abroad.

What is Locked Up Abroad? There are two versions of the show. The first and more common version is a reenactment about someone who tried smuggling drugs from one country to another. As you might have guessed from the title, they get caught. Their sentences can lead to desperate attempts at survival because of unruly prisons, attempts at escape, and trying to find loop holes to get transferred to the United States or United Kingdom. If they get transferred, they will have a shorter sentence. The other version of the show is about people getting captured while hiking in unlawful countries. These episodes can be extremely disturbing, so be prepared.

I have been watching Locked Up Abroad on bestchoicetv satellite tv for about three years now. I can only hope that they will continue to produce new episodes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Thanks to Darwin Barton

I need my internet connection to be secure, and my broadband internet bundle makes that possible. Reliability is key to getting what I need done and finding out information for personal and work projects.

The online world helps me find things to do with my daughter, such as play places to go to or events like the air and water show. I'm always trying to find something new so that she can experience as much as possible and learn something new often. We also spend time online watching videos and on a few websites for children her age.

I also surf online for fun and enjoyment playing online games and staying in touch with friends and family on social networking sites. I don't know what I would do without the internet since it is such a big part of my day. I also go online to take surveys and on points sites with hopes of earning a teeny bit of extra income. I figure, since I'm already there, why not make something from it.

The internet is also a great resource for me in finding new recipes and advice in baking and frosting cakes. Overall, the World Wide Web is very important to me and the functionality of my life because it has everything I need and/or want to know.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

inbox Dollars

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Enter your zip code

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Rats as pets

Rats make the most amazing pets! I had 4 rats but I am sad to say I had to put one of my rats to sleep yesterday. She was such a sweetheart and fought til the end. She had pneumonia. It is so frustrating I took her to the vet and medicated her for weeks trying to save her. It seems when they get sick because their little bodies can not handle it makes it impossible to save them :(

Girl living in football world

Recently my life has changed drastically. I know have two roommates living in my house. For those of you that know me I am a girl that is not so into sports. With the addition of my newest roommate Brett I am finding myself watching more football. Every day I come home it is tuned to ESPN. I now understand a thing or two about football, the teams, and the stadiums.
GILLETTE STADIUM TICKETS would make a great gift for Brett. He is more of a redskins fan but the sheer location and excitement linked to the Patriots and their home stadium would make him drool. Brett is easily enamored with the sight of football tickets so he would definitely be a fan!

On the other hand we have my other roommate Joe. He is a long standing Chicago Bears fan from way back in the days of the super bowl shuffle. That is before it was illegal for the players to perform long dances when making a touchdown. His speed would be more to go and get SOLDIER FIELD TICKETS. I think I would enjoy the history behind Soldier Field more then anything. It would be cool just to be able to say you saw a game there.

To go back to Brett he lived in San Diego for many years before returning to Virginia. It is funny that Virginia does not really have a football seem per say. Sad if you ask me!?!?! How can a state that has a lot of history not have a football team? Anyway, Brett would love a chance to go back to San Diego. He had seen many games at Qualcomm Stadium and would love the chances to get QUALCOMM STADIUM TICKETS. I think he would be happy to see any game there.
I am a girl not really into sports surrounded by male roommates than can not get enough of it! Heaven help me I will either change my name and move away or become a die hard football fan... Wish me luck!

Californication the way of the new world of sitcoms!

I am so excited for the newest season of Californication to start. I just introduced my friend Brett to the series so we re watched the on demand last season on showtime on local tv satellite. David Duchovny really is an under rated actor if you ask me. He is very talented and believable in the roles he places. I love the series for it's in your face humor and the fact that these scenarios do exist. I never knew that life could parallel tv shows so much especially a tv show of this type! Frank Moody is an amazing character filled with alot of complexity. You see him raising his daughter even though he has an issue with fidelity and womanizing. An interesting twist on the typical sitcom family. I also like the fact that they feature him as an artist which also keeps the flow of the bohemianism. is a great way to be able to have access to these tv shows and enjoy watching the drama that unfolds with every day in the life of Hank Moody. It never will seize to amaze you! Especially once Rick Springfield gets involved in the show and the plot line. I can not stop laughing as Runkle and Rick Springfield interact on what can only lead to a disastrous end!

I really love most of the series on showtime. They are hot and fresh. The differences in the variety they offer is amazing from Califonication to Dexter to Weeds which is also another show i have started to watch. All are a twist on life and really make you see the world from a new perspective. I could not choose a favorite but I do still adore Dexter I am hoping this new season brings it! So tune in to Californication and see what I am raving about I think the new season begins around September 22nd. Be sure you are hooked up with
before season starts!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pilgirmage to Texas

This summer has been so hot! I have been looking forward to fall but am definitely enjoying the heat. Well more the activities I can do during it. Summer always seems like a great time to go on road trips. Just throw caution to the wind and head out to explore America! I had not done much exploring out west. I am from Virginia and the furthest south or west I ever went was Illinois and south was Florida. So this year seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a trip to somewhere completely new! So my friend Kelly and I set out to head to Texas! I heard Texas was it's own creature and no other state was even remotely like Texas. We loaded up her Acura Integra and headed west! Of course being girls we made an awesome i pod play list for the trip! We were looking at a 1393.03 mile trip so we made sure to be prepared for the long times in the car. We made alot of stops along the way but had our hearts set on making it to Houston! We did stop in New Orleans which was amazing. I had never seen that area of the country. It was definitely weird to be below sea level. Staying over for a night really helped re energize us for the last leg of the trip.

We arrived in Texas on a Sunday and immediately noticed the heat coming off the road. It was like a blurry picture being painted in the distance. The difference in the scenery from Virginia was just breath taking. We arrived at our hotel in houston and were ready to sleep!! The next day we were up and at em to see the sights. Texas was very hospitable. The tex mex was tantalizing on my taste buds. I never thought I could eat so much of it! We had to drop the car off for a tune up and also we got an oil change. Better to be safe since we did have to make the over 1300 mile trip back. No one wants to get stuck in the bayou with car troubles. Kelly is soooo responsible anyway. It was great we were lucky to find Houston auto repair to show us our options since we had no idea where a good repair shops was at. The car was done while we saw more sights and enjoyed the dry Houston heat. After a week in Texas we made our way back to the east coast stopping at cool places along the way. It was definitely a summer trip to remember!

Everybody Loves Raymond

Guest post of the week by Val Flores

Everybody Loves Raymond is one of the best shows ever aired on television. I sit back and watch it everyday on the tv I got after I checked out direct tv pricing packages. Raymond is a sports writer for a news column who lives with his wife and their kids. His mother, father, and brother live across the street. They are always over at Raymond's house and the mother, Marie, annoys them all the time. The father, Frank, is always grumpy and is only worried about eating. Raymond's brother, Robert, is a cop and the family obviously favors Raymond over Robert. Marie is always nagging Debra, Raymond's wife, about her cooking and cleaning and trying to show her how to do things right. Stars include Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, Brad Garrett, and Peter Boyle. In one episode Raymond is trying to get a job writing a book. Robert is promoted to Lieutenant and the family pretty much ignores his accomplishment, like always. They cannot believe that someone turned Raymond down for anything. Raymond is always the one that gets everything and Robert usually gets nothing. This show is just so funny. The cast is always playing jokes on people and trying to hide something from somebody. It usually comes out in the end. It is always worth watching. I try to never miss an episode.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

AC/DC a few decades later

Guest post written by Steve Stoyer

When I heard that AC/DC was going on tour again about a year and a half ago, I was so excited. I saw them in concert back in the ‘70s and knew that this would be a show that I wouldn’t want to miss.

My wife bought me tickets for Christmas and we went together. We had lower level tickets and it was spectacular. I didn’t exactly have trouble hearing the music, it was pretty loud, but I knew that it had to be louder than I was hearing it because we were in a huge arena filled me thousands of people.

On our way home I told my wife that I kind of had some trouble hearing the music and she said that I must have hearing loss because it was deafening. The next day she made me call miricle ear and book a consultation appointment about getting a hearing aid. I went and it seemed like I was having hearing problems. I got some hearing aids and have been to a few concerts since then without any hearing trouble.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Gambling the night away

A few months ago I took a trip to Dover Delaware to go and visit Dover Downs for my first gambling experience. When I first walked in it was insane. The lights were amazing and the sounds from the machines ringing filled the air. I sat and watched as there were lines of people playing slots. The variation of people playing was surprising apparently the thrill of gambling and the ambiance of machine lure cross all boundaries. I walked in and got my card for the slots. I looked at the insane amount of choices for types of machines and tried to pick one I felt drawn to. As I sat down and inserted my cash card I pulled the trigger and let er rip. I won a whole 50 cents lol still somehow it was exciting. So again and pulled the lever and again. I only spent a few hours at the casino but it was definitely an experience. I have to admit I do tend to prefer online gambling though. It is nice to be able to sit in the comfort of your own home and play cards with a chance to win some money. I love the fact that you can have fun and also make money if you are good at it! The ambiance of the casinos are fun but when you can not make it to somewhere you can gamble you can always pull up your pc chair and sit down for your own little casino experience. I do not gamble often online but I have found some great places to do it. I am very cautious with online gambling but so far have had no bad experiences. I guess everything in life is a gamble technically. I have not made a killing but I have won a few times. It is always nice to have the extra cash it is like a little present you did not count on. I like black jack. It is a nice easy card game. I do hope to learn poker one day! Everyone seems to have a ball playing poker. I just can not always remember what trumps what. I need a chat sheet and I do not think gamblers like those lol I do hope to go to las vegas one day to see the real casinos but until I can do that let me have my fun at home!