Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cool new site I found that helps with fashion

There is a cool new site called it lets you search for the things you like and hooks ya up much like a google search! I love these kind of websites like price grabber or what not it makes everything so much easier. So I did some searches on my favorite clothes just to sort of see what it comes up with.... Check this out for gothic clothing

Sexy corsets ohhh lalala what I like too is this kinda of sites help inspire designers in second life. Cause lets just admit we are definitely influenced by real life fashion. Ohhh I tried to look for Tripp NYC all you gothy trendy punks should know this brand and it actually came up with stuff that is sooo coool! As dorky as it sounds it is sort of fun to just search and see what ya find. Like searching for mens stuff it even tells ya how to measure for proper fit and has stuff for preps, goth, punks and hip hop. You guys know me I prefer punk! As I do in second life designs but goth is wicked awesome too! I guess I am always looking for real life and secnd life ideas for fashion. I am really a shopaholic at times lol I shop for me and my signifigant other. So this way it makes it easier to ask him wht he likes and doesn't which usually I dont bother I just buy what I like lol isnt that how all girls do it. Hey you can even search for shirt and tie combos perfect for the guys so they know it matches hehe we know how you can be color blind or just style illiterate. I know I am so bad!

Hopefully this will help me with some inspiration I know as a designer I have been one slack chica I did redo the store though it is a complete change! Easier to shop, better organization and styled! So check it out and let me know what you think. I also put alot of my old products on slexchange for $5 lindens and the others as low as $125! So if you wanted some of the old favorites check it out!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Awesome concerts coming up and rent part of the isle for a steal!

I am looking to rent out 1/4 of an island sim for a very reasonable rate please contact me if you are interested or for more details. Would be perfect for someone wanting a store location or for a private home. My store will be remaining on the island I am a very flexible parcel renter and very easy to get along with. No drama here I promise!!! I just have not had time to use the entire island and would lvoe to rent it out for a small fee basically tier cost to someone else that will get some enjoyment out of it. So email me at for more info or questions!

This week has been a busy one for me. My friends birthday was today. He is a really awesome person so I wanted to do something special for it. I baked some awesome brownies that rocked and no for those of you who are asking they were not THOSE kind of brownies lol I also got his some surprise prezzies and he was just so appreciative. I love making people's birthdays special for them! I had a blast.

We have some awesome music shows coming to the local amphitheater include marilyn Manson :O with slayer and some other metal bands. Sounds like it will be a great time I found getting my tickets from Key Arena Tickets is handy dandy for me! They have all of the Target Center Tickets making it easy and good prices too. They even have theatre tickets I dont know if I will be going there anytime as I am more of a concert girl! You can also get Citizens Bank Park Tickets thought I would pass the info along nothing like making life easier!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The weekend and new hair inspirations

I am really looking forward to this weekend I have a friend who is having a birthday get together on Saturday. It should be a ton of fun! I know more excuses to slow me down getting back into second life lol What can I say you have to enjoy and seize the day. The weather will be awesome for it seems summer has finally poked it's head up for good here in Virginia. I just hope it does not go straight to summer time heat :( that would really just ruin it all!!!! So the weekend is looking awesome! Time to party, let the hair down, enjoy a few drinks etc etc! Maybe watch some of his Direct TV I am still debating swapping over they have some Discount DirecTV offers so that might convince me lol as long as I do not have to climb on the roof and mess with my Direct Satellite TV I can deal lol can you imagine a raven on the roof wearing some tin foil holding a dish!

I have started work on two new hair styles though! So I am excited to see how they turn out. I do not know why but there is something therapeutic about making hair. It is like relaxing I have no idea lol I think I must be insane twisting those prims. I think it is the sheer randomness of it. The clothing works has gotten a little slow for me but I am determined to fight my way back. I love the creativity and really hate to not have it in my life anymore. I have loved some of the new stlyes hitting second life. Ohh and thank you all for your comments on what you like! That really helps me out alot cause I admit I love alot of variety but that is not always the way to go it makes it hard to organize! So thank you so much for the input. So off I go for a day of waiting to pick my dog up from the vet. Thanks all have a good one!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Purse inspirations

The weather is fine here and in second life. I am loving the time outdoors! I started doing alot of photography and find myself drawn to the world of fashion more than ever. Allowing the looks of the clothing to complete and really pull together a gorgeous stunning photo. I have bee doing alot of online shopping as well as shopping in thrift stores. Believe it or not you can find some really great items in the thrift stores and make great looks as seen in some of my newest photos. The fashion spot I have not yet conquered is really purses and jewelry. I have to admit I have always used these furry little backpack creatures as purses but for photo shoots they really do not cut it :( So I am finding myself interested in the new styles for handbags and jewelry.

I started checking out Lucky Brand designs. They have some really cool grass roots looking items such as their infamous denim but they also carry some really cool purses. The style sort of reminds me of the more rugged yet classic look. I am debating if I can be pulled away from my traditional furry stuffed animal friends or not. I have to say I like the 13th item on the Lucky website. Kinda simple black purse but with some cute bling on it. I adore the vintage look. I am a punk girl by nature but I really do like a wide variety of items. I am noticing with doing the photo shoots I am exploring different styles. The last purse on the website is actually really cute too a little bit of the more rockabilly look. To see some of my photography please visit:

Until next inspiration have fun and be fashionable!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ravenwear and her tv bloopers

First order of business the fashion front! I sort of wanted some opinions if any of you have the valuable time to give them to me. What styles do you really dig? And what styles do you not think there is enough of in Second Life... Goth, Punk, Retro, High fashion, gowns, etc etc I always liked designing a little bit of everything but I was thinking of definitely being a bit more defined. And how about latex? I mean is there enough of that in game or the more the merrier lol If you are enjoying the blog please subscribe and keep your eye on it :D

I wanted to pose a question to all of you Second Lifers..... Do you guys use cable or Direct TV?
I was considering swapping but do not really know what the differences are like channel wise etc? I have been on cable for a good while so I am a noob when it comes to DirectTV. I know you can get the same channels like HBO and what not but what about like HD and stuff? I can not live without showtime and my Dexter lol that show is soooo addictive for you people that have not seen it. A sereal killer that is a cop I mean wowsers. Well not a cop a blood analyst. Anyway I love that show! A true one of my addictions. So I would definitely have to have Showtime on DirecTV. So I don't know what is the best way to go lol I mean I know for my internet what is the faster that is a no duh thanks to the ever mighty speed test. I just hate the thought of swapping and not being happy.

Ok enough questions for today hehe Raven Lament over and out!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ravenwear is trying something diff

Since I have not been as active making clothing I have decided to start keeping you guys updated on whats going on in my life fashion wise, car wise and well just everything. I miss all of my second life friends and would love to keep up to date! I do plan on joining the world of Second Life again as I actually recently have redesigned my store. I am also looking for a renter to rent 1/4 of an island parcel for a very reasonable price! You would have full control of this parcel! So hit me up if you want some more information! The image shown above is one of the new Ravenwear hair styles please check it out!

My one close friend just got the niftiest new car a dodge caliber. Hers is white well more of a cream ish color. I think it is hot someone needs to make them for Second Life lol She also checked out the Dodge Journey. I liked the Dodge Journey it was one of those kinda neat cross overs that are so popular recently. I was lucky enough to go with her and got to test drive the new Ford Fusion sort of made me wish I was out car shopping but unfortunately that wont be for quite some time! In alot of ways I am just a truck kinda girl anyway I can not help myself! l I think we need more cars in Second Life and I think these just might bring some inspirations to the people talented enough to build and script! Personally I love black, silver and blue cars hint hint hehe.

I hope everyone is doing well and that you all had an enjoyable easter! Keep your eyes open for Ravenwear as I have not fallen off of the Earth... well not quite just yet.