Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer time fun time

This summer is just starting. I just got back from a weekend of fun filled vacation at Kill Devil Hills NC. Right on the beach! It is gorgeous there and so much to do from swimming to para sailing! I was really excited to go. Hung out with good people and had a great time. Went to see a show at one of the local venues which was a blast. I have decided this is the year of vacation time. I want to try to get out and just see the world and enjoy it. The vans warped tour will be coming to Marcus Amphitheater Tickets which is an awesome show! I would recommend getting tickets early. I went last year and had a blast one of the best concert events ever! I am looking forward to hitting some shows this summer. I have really been taking advantage of going to see new acts!

Or maybe the Minute Maid Park Tickets are more your speed. Sun fun and outside! Thats the best way to enjoy the summer. It is always good to get tickets early I recently had the disappoint of wanting to see flogging molly only to find the show was sold out :( It sucked and I missed out! I also wouldn't mind going to get some ALAMODOME TICKETS to see some boxing! I might be a girl but damn I love ufc and boxing! Really the only sport per say I am into. I would love to learn to box myself so seeing it live would be awesome! Either way it will be a fun event. So get out and enjoy the summer weather!


For rent 1/4of the Requiem Island! it is a class 5 island! You will receive the ability to change anything on the parcel.Terraform, change music ect etc It will be set up as you like it. I am very flexible! This is a long term rental. Once you rent it you can do what you please with it residential or commercial. Just contact me via email [email][/email]
1/4 of the island and the cost is $22,000 lindens The price is reasonable just to cover the tier looking for a renter asap thanks again! Any questions just ask!

Wow time!

So I have went back to playing a little bit of wow world of war craft for you guys that have never tried it. I was always a Tauren or a moo cow lol Yes horde but get over it. I always had a blast it was a great way to just veg and chill and let the mind run with things. I can get sooo busy in thought that it feels like my brain would explode and wow time lets it just vegetate. I was really surprised to learn that in wow people sell World of Warcraft Accountsbut they are in high demand. I personally like to create my own but some people like to start out with everything. They are mpt tpp badly priced when you consider all the work that goes into getting to that level. I mean all of the time is ridiculous. That is my only complaint about wow it really sucks your time up.... then again second life does the same thing to us all.
You can always Buy Aion Accounts so that you do not have to put as much time in but can play with the higher ups and do all the quests. I have some silly stories from wow. I made some good friends some of which carried over into second life. Always fun to play with a group of people it will get lonely playing alone. So I would recommend going in with a handful of friends or finding a guild to join that always keeps it fresh. I can not wait til Blizzard comes out with their next project. I have always been a fan of them from Diablo to Star Craft to War Craft. It is a good gaming company!