Thursday, December 29, 2011

The new way to advertise!

The world has changed so much when it comes to business on the internet. There are so many tools that did not exist in the past to help get the word out about a new company or special promotion. Facebook advertising has opened up a huge door for word of mouth advertising on the web. One friend likes and views your Facebook advertisement then their friends see it and so on and so on. What a great way to get the word out to niches that you might not even think to target market to!

Having Pets

Having Pets

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

Having pets is something that’s really important to me but there’s nothing about having this many dogs that I would have asked for. My sister got two and suddenly got deployed and I had to take them and then my daughter brought home one from school that she found in the parking lot. I already had two at home so we ended up with 5 dogs and now my house is overrun like a kennel! I went to Piedra Calidornia Hughes Netproviders near us so I could start ordering our dog food in bulk and I actually got a good deal on one of those electric fences. Good thing I’ve got a big yard and all these dogs are big enough to be outdoor animals! I love them to death but it’s like having 5 more kids and that’s a lot of work for someone with a full time job and no husband like me! I could use a nap and a weekend at the kennel for the pups!

Snuggle up for warmth!

Now that winter is finally approaching as it has been an unusually hot one in Virginia I am looking for some new winter duds to keep me snug as a bug in a rug. There are so many new trends to follow in fashion in real world and in the game of second life. Fur vests seem to be a universal trend across the board. They are warm and very durable. They can accentuate a wide variety of outfits. I would recommend either getting a cream or white colored vest or a black to maximize mixing and matching potential. I found that keeping your wardrobe down to a minimum number of colors with accent colors allows for you to create new looks easier. A hot look would be a black trouser and shirt set with a cream fur vest over layered and some hot red bangle accents! Just because it is winter doesn't mean you cant be cute!

You could also go for ab it on the wild side with a more eye catching patterned fur vest. That is an adorable look that can still be classy yet fun. Tie the vest with a belt for a curve revealing outfit. I definitely could see this paired with some black pants and a black shirt. Matching boots would just add to the fur vest. So do not forget just because it is winter you do not have to cover up without being fashionable! You can learn to stay warm and still be cute with the right outer wear! Dont forget about getting a great fur jackets for sale to really maximize your options.