Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ravenwear Leelah hair

A new look for Ravenwear Leelah is so sweet and innocent! Pop in and pick up a free demo and check out the colors!

Don't forget about the new designer contest deadline is in 4 days :O

Ravenwear Flower tat

New upper body tat comes with two layers is tintable! On sale in the tat section of the main store for $65!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Freebie as a Happy Birthday to fashcon!

A free outfit for Fashcon today only at Ravenwear!!! Shown with a sneak peek at the new Neko skin line coming soon!! Now who gets to spank fashcon for their bday spanking :O

Ravenwear sculptie hair!

This is my first go at sculptie hair it also has traditional prims mixed in but it is super cute and super full! So very eye grabbing comes in a selection of colors or fat pack at a discount!! Demo is free! Shown with the new skin! Look up ravenwear in search and you will find me :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ravenwear Sinsational

This is a really cute little set. Comes with long pants, top, and a prim skirt set all for one price. Pick from the colors shown in the photo or buy the fat pack for a huge discount! On sale front of ravenwear!!!

Ravenwear opened toed assets shoes!

Pop in and check them out another style in the assets ao line of shoes. These have open toes with are sculptie toes you can manually change the color tint of the toes by editing to match your skin tone. They come in a handful of patterns from leopard to black. On sale in the shoe section!

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Designer contest with a free shop!!!!!

Thats right we want to do our part to support the new talent in SL! If you are a designer of clothing, skin, hair, shoes or accessories please send me a folder with some pics of your designs, information on how long you have been creating, a notecard with a lm to your current store, what you make, and any other info you would like to put in it. You may send samples if you like that is up to you. Please name the folder Designer Contest *your name* and drop it on me before February 4th.

The first prize winner will have a custom shop that has yet to be unveiled and 150 prims to use to place their items or decorate the shop with! They will also have their own landing parcel. TYou will also be advertised on my blog and to the group when they move in. This shop space will be free for six months after that we will discuss further occupation of the shop

This contest is for designers that have started their stores no more than 2 months ago and do not have a main shop in secondlife yet. Main shopping being defined as a store that has a landing point that goes directly to their shop. You can create mens, womens, avatars, hair, skins, clothing, jewelry etc etc. You must sell your own designs no business in a box stores allowed.

Raven Lament

Ravenwear sweet lies

This sexy set comes in magenta, red, blue, cyan and black! Single prim mini skirt is so sexy and the cross detail on the bodice is slinky! On sale each color for $140 or fat pack for $500! All skins shown new to ravenwear

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Skins are out!!!!

New skins!!!
Ravenwear has now released a new set of skins! There are many new tones, new makeups and new shading! These skins are super sexy yet a lil sinister. You can pick from over 10 tones! Including Latte, Devil, Cream, Death and many more! Each skin you buy comes with 5 skins containing pubic trim options from bare to barely there and more. These skins are on sale for $600 lindens. Each vendor has a demo box for that specidic vendor so make sure to grab them all! Below are some example photos of the skins in action!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sneak peek!

One of the new fantasy color skins new coming soon to ravenwear

Sneak peak at Latte and skin sale ends this morning

The sale will be wrapping up this morning and the new skins will be making their way out this weekend so here is one more sneak peak!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Ravenwear skins Cream tone preview

The new skin releases are coming soon so here is a sneak peak done by the lovely and talented Helianthus Mesmer, Shown is the cream skin tone with the death watch eye makeup and blood lips. What a gorgeous look! Don't forget to pick up your fav original skins which are on sale until saturday morning SLT for $89!

Ravenwear one day only skin sale for $89

In preparation for the new skins coming out the old skins are marked down for one day only to $89!!!!! Regular $500 so this is a huge sale. They are mod and copy no trans. Blushed, tan, goth, devil, ashen, venom, a few with tats etc so pop in and check them out!!! Pick up your favorites cause this sale will end on Saturday lin the morning!!! BTW Demos are free just touch the vendor where it says DEMO.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ravenwear Skinned 2008

Well it has been quiet from me cause I am hard at work on new skins they are close to being finished just have to box!!!! So get ready for my best skins yet. New makeups, new lips and choice of pube styles! This is my best skin yet and I am really excited to be able to offer it to you. Here is a teaser pic for Ravenwear Skinned 2008!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ravenwear Cross Cape

This cape has a touch to change color script. It is mod and copy no trans. Great for guys! It is located in the mens section on the back wall with the capes on sale $125!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ravenwear Cloaked in darkness

A new cloak comes to Ravenwear it has a veil over the face and is quite mysterious all in black and very long and flowing on sale for $185 mod copy no trans :) Shown with Emily dress

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ravenwear Foil

Sexy little bikini sets in 9 colors comes with underpants under top pants and shirt. So you can use which layers suit you best. Silver, goldm pink, red, blue just to name a few of the colors. Each set $100 or 9 color fat pack for $700

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ravenwear Desperation

This doesn't get any sexier! Chain mail textured thong set with straps in the middle of the top featuring a prim belt with a gun on one side and bullets on the other. Desperation comes in 6 colors or you can buy the fat pack for a discount!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ravenwear mall new shops!

Pop in and check out such shops as Ghost, Stuff by Riley, Falln Angel, Trixxy's Shop, Ally's Scenic Views, Brat Designs, and of course all of your favorites!!!!! You can now use the mapper located on the bridge at the island tp point to directly tp to the mall as well as the 50l and less shop, body shop and of course Ravenwear's main shop

Designers please read Charity Auction and fashion show being planned

Ravenwear is setting up a charity fashion show auction event for the first weekend in March. We are looking for other designers that would be willing to donate say an unreleased clothing set, or prerelease, a new color of an existing outfit, shoes, gowns, hair etc etc so that we can feature it in the show and then auction it off to the highest bidder donating 100% of the money to The K-9 New Life Center Non Profit Tax exempt 501c3 organization. You can learn more about the organization here

In a nutshell they rescue all breeds of dogs have them vet checked and made healthy and find them new homes. This can be very very expensive as some dogs come in with such issues as heartworms which cost almost $1000 to treat. They also neuter or spay all dogs before adoption. They also have taken in some really bad abuse and neglect cases including a dog that was pregnant and placed in a trash bag and thrown into a ditch to die and another dog that was shot and left to die. I am happy to say both dogs were nursed back and found awesome homes including all of the mommy dogs pups. I have personally been involved RL with this charity for almost 9 years and have seen all of the success stories and happy endings. It is an awesome cause and I would love to really try to help them out by using our virtual power!

I will be making a one of a kind outfit as well as some other items to be auctioned off that will be available only at the auction. We are aiming for the beginning of March for the event so we have alot of time to work with. Please feel free to pass this to any other designer friends you might know that might have a warm spot in their hearts for a cold nose!

So far we have such talented creators as Gurl6, Geometrica Designs, Szentasha Designs, .Unpredictable. , Stuff by Riley, Talisman, Malinconia, and of course my label, Ravenwear.

So please contact me, Raven Lament, with any questions or if you want to participate! Thanks again!

Also once you express interest I will give you a notices hud set up specially for this event so you can receive updates but not have to take up any group space as well.

Ravenwear 2nd Generation Teaser Skirts!

A completely new style and design with added features! these new teaser skirts have all the fun and naughtiness of the original but are now sculpted with a whisper on off function as well as a perms on off function. They come in a variety of colors and are $250 per skirt. They are very easy to fit as they are very low prim thanks to being sculptie they are always a tighter fit for a more sexy slim look. On sale in Ravenwear near the Teaser Skirts!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ravenwear Deconstructed

This is an adorable set with a top layer and the net under top layer so you can decide which is more you. you also get a pair of jeans with cross emblems on the back pockets and back leg. You can buy asingle color for $120 which comes with the three pieces or for $350 get the fat pack with one under shirt one pair of jeans and 6 tops! Belt shown is not included it is with the ravenwear belted Set.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ravenwear Gia

Lil thong number with a zipped open front and two bottom options one being the thong the other being more of a covered version. Also has the stockings which are a cute touch. It comes in 5 colors or a fat pack which is like getting one free. On sale front of ravenwear near the door

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ravenwear cruella Hair

Cruella is a cute dreaded pony tale style. Comes in many colors or get the fat pack for a discount. It is fun and flexi with a touch of attitude! Shown with ravenwear's newest outfit Liandra

Friday, January 4, 2008

Ravenwear Skull Charm Boots

New to the scene are these cute boots with chains and skulls as well as two crosses dangling down the back. they are vinyl boots and come in a variety of colors for the accent straps. The vinyl matches Ravenwear's vinyl sets So check them out :)

Ravenwear Liandra

New sexy latex outfit comes in multi colors also shown with new hot boots sold at Ravenwear. The outfit sells for $100 and the boots $300 they are mod and no trans. It comes in 5 colors. I will send a seperate notice with more info on the boots.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ravenwear Belted Prim animal belt and outfit sets

These are really something diff from ravenwear plaid pants or denim p0ants paired up with sweaters with sculptie cuffs and collar with the added adorable lil animal belt with crayons on the alternate side. Each color option has a diff animal. there are 8 diff color options! Such cute lil faces from dogs to cats to bunnies! On sale front of ravenwear $150!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ravenwear Kyrah

Something sexy heads to ravenwear. Stockings, top, garters and a pants layer that is soooo sexy and cute with the lil laces and ties. comes in your pick of red, blue, magenta or black! Or get the fat pack on sale $100 a color or $350 for all!!!