Friday, August 22, 2008

ravenwear is looking for you!

Looking for designers/sl business etc that are interested in renting main stores for long term for very reasonable pricing depending of course on prims needed for use. The sim will have a bit of a whimsical feel with bright colors, lots of greenery etc sort of surrealistic. As a co occupant on the isle you will have free use of the island for your events fashion shows or whatever else you might wish to hold. So this is sort of more of a communistic setting than just a normal rental. This way we can work together to nurture our sl businesses and help have as much fun as possible! So if you are interested IM raven Lament!Also entertaining the idea of having a club or hang out on the island so if this is something you are looking to do in SL drop me aline

Also looking for people interested in designing and having fun with a rebuild

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New skins!!!!

They are out finally!!!! I have had rl stuff going on so sorry was a bit slow but they are here!! 3 diff lipsticks in each pack so you get options now! They are $800 a set and demos are free. Ranging in tan, ivory, cream, cafe, blue drow and purple. They are full of detail and are very different from all the prior skins! more eye makeups to come soon but I wanted to get the first sets out to ya!!! Located upstairs to the left. Pics show a few of the options

Friday, August 1, 2008

New outfit and why I have been away

For those of you that love the latex I have a new set with paisley material and a corset that zips up the front and laces in the back. Both the top and the pants feature complimentary pin striped pockets! It is super sexy when worn with the matching pants! On sale for $120 also this is the last day for the hunt so get in and grab the goodies before they poof!

The reason I haven't been as active is that I am working on moving in RL so things have been hectic so I just want everyone to know I am still thinking about them and intend to get back in the swing of things! I will be still trying to get new things out and have fun fun contests for all of you guys so didnt want you to think I was leaving ;)